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Why are women more hesitant to invest in crypto?

There has been a debate going on about why only so few women choose to trade crypto. Some believe that females still feel somewhat discriminated against and left out from the tech world that is clearly dominated by men. Women may be hesitant to dive into the crypto world and explore their potential because they deem the male-oriented tech industry uninviting.

According to the most recent analysis, only 5% of crypto developers are women. Of course, we need to bear in mind that this is not a scientific study as the user's gender was assumed based solely on their user name, and no verification followed. However, these results bring up the question of the role of women in the crypto industry, and how important it is to dig deeper into the matter of gender disparity among crypto developers and discuss possible arguments.

Anna Dreber, an economics professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, suggests that women are less likely to get involved in the venture business. A number of studies showed that men (around 64%) are more willing to take bigger risks than women. Something which may help female developers to become more trustful of crypto business is knowing that digital currencies like bitcoin are becoming more mainstream.

According to the market research carried out by the London Block Exchange, one in eight women would consider investing in a cryptocurrency. The numbers among millennials are even higher - one in five is likely to buy and/or trade cryptocurrency.

According to Agnes de Royere, senior business analyst at the London Block Exchange, the common belief that cryptocurrency is a game for men is nothing more than a misconception. She claims that there has been a number of women signing up for their exchange lately, some of whom are the well known and eminent female investors in the field.

So it looks like female cryptocurrency investors are just being more cautious and taking it more slowly, but it should not take us by surprise if in the next couple of months or so the numbers of women in crypto business double.

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