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SwitchBIT Wallet - How to Use

Actualizado: 22 de may de 2020

Since May 18th our Cryptocurrency Exchange platform SwitchBIT.org is open and ready for you!

So, I figured it would be a good idea to refresh your memories on how to use the SwitchBIT Wallet.

Using the SwitchBIT Wallet is very simple: when you open the Wallet, you'll see your total assets in both USDT as well as any assets held in Cryptocurrencies.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see links for Deposit and Withdraw.

When you click on Deposit, you'll be prompted to either scan the QR code displayed, or copy the Wallet address.

For Withdraw, simply choose a pre-existing label or create a new one, copy the address of where you want to send your funds, and choose the quantity.

And that's it! Designed to be easy, quick and efficient; the SwitchBIT Wallet will save you lots of headaches!

Check out the cool animation below, and have fun using SwitchBIT!

P.s - Check below for the instructions in Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.





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