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South Korea entrusts the power of blockchain technology in fighting against diabetes

Diabetes is a lifelong health condition, known to overburden the patients with extremely high treatment costs, and over 3.6 million people in South Korea are diagnosed with this chronic disease.

Following a number of other initiatives that have already employed blockchain technology to serve a better cause in the healthcare system, a blockchain-based startup called Sendsquare has been given the South Korean government's blessing for creating a proof-of-concept blockchain ledger that would store and manage the medical history of patients with diabetes.

The region has recently seen considerable growth in people affected by diabetes, mainly due to following an unhealthy diet and changing city environments. Also, it's been known that Asians genetically have a more reduced insulin secretion capacity, over 60 percent of overall diabetic patients come specifically from this area.

Although the latest technologies such as Ali has been helping with early detection of the disease, it is believed that the blockchain technology will contribute a great deal to a better analysis of the patient data. Sendsquare is planning to use blockchain in tackling such prevalent issues like data loss, manipulation, and duplication, as noticed in the case of centralized hospital networks.

The startup will build a Clinical Research Data Registry Platform, supported by blockchain and backed by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of South Korea. The platform will serve as the means for assuring accurate profiling, derivation, and proper data management for enhanced diagnosis and treatments.

Seoul’s leading university hospital, KyungHee University Medical Centre, will operate together with Sendsquare to examine and manage the medical records of patients collected over a nine-year period. According to one of the hospital's professors, due to centralized systems having failed to offer desired results in patients' data control, there are recurrent issues, and to his belief blockchain technology might be the answer to these long-standing problems.

This blockchain solution will be ready for implementation in another six month’s time, following which Sendsquare will attempt to do all the necessary for its nationwide integration.

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