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Popular American TV show "Billions" talks Bitcoin

With the word about crypto going around the news a lot these days, pop culture is keeping its pace as well. First "The Simpsons" and now the popular American TV show "Billions" is talking about Bitcoin.

No doubt that during this lockdown tv show streaming is at its peak as people are catching up with their favorite programs. And so Showtime dropped the fifth and very much anticipated season of its super engaging finance-centered drama "Billions".

In the latest episode of "Billions", US Attorney Chuck Rhoades (played by the talented Paul Giamatti) throws bitcoin's value into question stressing that the digital asset is backed by nothing, which on and off has been an argument of bitcoin critics slandering the nature of cryptocurrency.

“…and for what? So your multitude of computers could solve some abstract math equations resulting in the mining of bitcoin? Worth millions right now would be – but backed by what? Nada, nix, zat.”

Perhaps the Bitcoin's featured in "Billions" is no revelation to those who have been aware of Ben Mezrich's, who is the author of the best selling book “Bitcoin Billionaires”, input in writing the new season. In his book, Mezrich narrates the story about the brothers Tyler Winklevoss and Cameroon Winklevoss and their odyssey in the cryptocurrency industry.

Although it is unlikely that after watching this episode of "Billions" investments in cryptocurrency will shoot up, the crypto community views the mention of bitcoin on a popular tv series as a sign of adoption.

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