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Blockchain Tech to boost medical tourism in South Korea

A private-public consortium in Busan, South Korea, is aiming to strengthen local medical tourism by building a blockchain-powered platform.

According to one of the local newspapers Gyeongnam Ilbo, the initiative will be managed by Busan Bank who are planning to contribute to the medical tourism sector by establishing the platform within the second largest city of South Korea in terms of population.

Among the consortium members are Pusan National University Hospital, Dong-A University Hospital, Gosin University Gospel Hospital, Samyuk Busan Hospital, and payment brokerage company Knet Co. Ltd.

The local companies will team up with Busan Bank to launch a smartphone mobile app called “Regional Mobile Medical Tourism Platform.” The application will be used to channel all medical tourism-based transactions, plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures in particular. To do this, the banking sector will be providing currency exchange and account opening services.

The platform will also serve to connect patients with medical institutions within Busan.

“The Busan Bank will actively cooperate to make Busan the best medical tourism specialty district in Korea. We will play a role in revitalizing the local medical tourism business", said Busan Bank's executive Bin Dae-in.

Medical tourism has been gaining higher popularity in Asian countries. In the near future, another leading South Korean firm, KB Insurance, is planning to implement a blockchain-based mobile message delivery system for its clients.

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